About Me The Sassi Seamstress

Well this is me. I am originally a born an bred Sydney girl and now find myself living on the Sunshine Coast.
Why wouldn’t you. Apart from sewing, I surf badly, do yoga and eat raw food. OMG! I am so on trend right now!

I have been sewing since I was 8. I am mostly self taught, apart from my mum teaching me at home, high school subjects, a few courses along the way and the rest of my almost 40 years experience has been through work or businesses in, vintage clothing collecting and restoration, designing and making props and costume for the TV and film industry, theatre costumes, swimwear, formal and bridal and launching fashion labels.

You name it, I’ve done it. There isn’t much I can’t sew on a sewing machine.

Sassy: lively, bold and full of spirit; cheeky 
Yup! that pretty much sums me up. For further stalking
​           www.thecreativeheart.com.au            the doorway to everything now

                www.helensattler.com                the doorway to everything before