For the Mums

The formal is such an overwhelming idea for some girls, that can bring up a lot of anxiety about ‘the dress’, ‘standing out’, ‘fitting in’ and ‘wearing a big fancy dress’. Sometimes your daughters figure isn’t the petite hour glass type and maybe she’s not an ‘insta-girl’ either. All these things can make or break the WHOLE formal experience for a young girl, which should be a fun and exciting time. The lights, the cameras, the action.. it’s all very Hollywood these days and a time that should be remembered well.
So, if you and your daughter are in this place of formal dress nightmares, or just formal hell or you just have no idea yourself, a made to order dress, just might be the solution.

The formal dress is the first BIG dress a woman will ever wear and it’s a million miles from shorts and a t-shirt , so requires a bit more of a transitional process, to go from the high school girl to standing out and looking like the beautiful woman, that your daughter is.

A lot of my job as a seamstress, isn’t always about making clothes, it’s about creating people and bringing out out the true reflection of a persons personality in a garment. So that when that person steps out onto the red carpet, they have the confidence in self and confidence to wear the dress and not have the dress wear them.

During the process of making a formal dress, as the dress starts to become a reality, so does the event and so all the anxiety gets sorted out in the sewing room, before she get there.

Together,  I work with your daughter to create the night, we talk about the bling, practice walking in the dress and all the fun stuff, so that when it comes to red carpet time, she’ll be ready to rock n roll.