How Made to Order Works

Getting a formal dress made is an exciting experience. Seeing your ideas come to life and the picture you had in your mind become a reality…is so much fun. There are a lot of contributing factors to consider, when having a dress made, so simple questions like: “How much will this cost to make?” or “Is it possible to make this dress?”
The answers are:- It depends on the design, what fabric you choose, when the event is, what the dress is for, what your budget is etc… all those things.
And the second question, is always mostly yes!
To avoid to and fro-ing lots of emails with me answering your questions, below is a simple outline of:

How Much a Formal Dress Costs to Make?
Generally formal dresses start from $650, PLUS fabric. So depending on the style of your dress, if you want it embellished, how many layers, how big the skirt is etc, depends on the final price. Included in the price is drafting a pattern that is tailored to your size exactly, garment construction, plus all the appointments and fittings, of which there will be 5 in total.
How Made to Order Works!
1. First appointment: Make a time to come and see me at the studio with all your ideas and pictures off the internet and we can discuss your design, fabrics, colours etc. This is an important step, because sometimes, you want ideas off the internet of dresses that are made in china and the cost of replicating that, is just not possible in Australia. Well it is, but it will cost a lot.
2. Once we determine, how the dress can be made and where to source all the fabrics etc and if you want to go ahead, I send you off to my fabric outlets with a list of materials to get.
3. Second appointment: When you have found all the materials that you need, you come back for a second appointment, to give me the materials and I take your measurements and you pay a 50% deposit to get the started.
4. After you leave, I will email you a few dates for your fittings, so that we are on schedule for the big night.
5. First fitting: The first fitting is once the fabric is cut and sewn up to the point, where I can see how the fabric is working and fitting to you body. At this stage you can make small changes to the design and tell me how you would like the dress to fit.
6. Second fitting: Your dress has lining, it’s starting to look like the vision you had in your head and is starting to take shape. At this stage, you will need to have the shoes you want to wear and bra, if you are wearing one. It’s also an opportunity to ‘bring the bling!’ as well, so you can start to see the whole outfit come together.
7. Final fitting: This is the last fitting, where we finalise the hem, any tweaks you want to change and make sure you are 100% completely comfortable in the dress.

My number 1# Rule is: that you have to leave feeling 100% happy and comfortable in your dress. There is nothing worse than being worried about your dress on the night.
8. Pickup day: This can be one last look in the mirror before you take it home. Just to be sure to be sure. This is the time you also pay the balance of the total amount.
And away you go… off to the ball!

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