Formal Dress Alterations

Look and feel amazing in a gown uniquely altered for you

Formal events can bring about so much excitement; the opportunity to get all dressed up in a gorgeous gown, have your hair and make up done and the atmosphere of the event itself. Whatever the occasion, we can help you feel and look amazing in a gown uniquely altered to you.

Professional Formal Dress Alterations near me

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast or North Brisbane, then the Sassi Seamstress is the best dressmaker for formal dress alterations. We specialise in alterations for weddings dresses, bridesmaid dresses, grooms and groomsmen, mother of the bride/groom, formals and any special occasion.

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Perhaps you already have a dress you love but it no longer fits, or you’d like to modernise it a little. Or maybe you’ve purchased a beautiful off-the-rack dress which needs a few tweaks and tucks. Come and have a chat with the team at the Sassi Seamstress.

Exceptional eye for detail

Exceptional eye for detail, especially important for finer materials and bead work: Many formal and bridal gowns use exquisite fabrics and beadwork. We have the greatest respect and care for every garment and every client we work with. Rest assured that your garment is safe with us.

Innovative and creative

Innovative and creative, giving you options to breathe new life into treasured garments: Sometimes you know you want something changed on your dress but you just don’t know what. Perhaps you’d like to add some colour but you don’t know how. Helen, our head seamstress, has extensive experience as a fashion designer and dressmaker. She will work with you to help you bring your vision to life.

Create a treansformation

Ability to transform a garment to suit unique personality and body shapes: Don’t let the dress wear you, make sure you wear the dress, with style and sass! Part of what makes the Sassi Seamstress so special is our ability to transform a garment to suit the wearer’s personality. Imagine what this could do to your confidence. Bo bold, be cheeky, be sassi!

Take away the overwhelm

The formal is such an overwhelming idea for some girls and that can bring up a lot of anxiety; What dress should I wear to my formal? Will I stand out? Will I fit in? Should I wear a big fancy dress or something more fitting? What will everyone else be wearing? What will others think of my dress?

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Help! I need a dressmaker near me

The team at the Sassi Seamstress welcome the opportunity to discuss your clothing alterations. We provide professional clothing alterations on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Please enter your details here and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

Clothing alterations is the key to sustainable fashion

With so much ‘fast fashion’ in the world, having your favourite treasured items altered from time to time is a great way to up-cycle and breathe new life into your wardrobe. Come and see the team at the Sassi Seamstress Sunshine Coast and we can help you keep some of your favourite clothes forever.

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