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I’m Helen, the head seamstress, creator and innovator behind the Sassi Seamstress and here’s a little bit about me.


I guess you could say I came from humble beginnings. My Dad was a likeable entrepreneur and my mum the creative. From a young age, I had developed a ‘go hard or go home’ attitude, and I was fortunate to have the confidence and tenacity to follow my dreams.

Growing up in the 70’s, I had a relatively normal childhood and at 8 years old my mum taught me to sew. I guess those lessons in the sewing room all those years ago planted the seed for what has now become the Sassi Seamstress.

At 13 I was a budding entrepreneur and started to make clothes/school backpacks for my friends at school. When school finished I knew exactly what I wanted to be – a fashion designer of course. I applied to the only Fashion TAFE and you can imagine my surprise when I didn’t get in. What would I do now?


Like many 17 year olds in the 80’s, I decided it was time to see the world. I made my own back pack (of course!) and set off on an adventure of a lifetime, visiting the UK, Israel, Asia and Europe. I climbed volcanoes, slept in parks, took a road donkey to the Valley of the Kings and even found myself at gunpoint. Time to return home!

“… at 8 years old my mum taught me to sew. I guess those lessons in the sewing room all those years ago planted the seed for what has now become the Sassi Seamstress.”


Back on home soil, I took an interest in antiques and vintage clothing and sold my wares at the famous markets in Sydney, Bondi and Paddington. My creativity took another turn when I set up my first business, Pluto Productions International with my then business partner, Peter Watson. At this time, we produced commercial displays, shop awning props, set design and costume design for film and television. Fast forward ten years and I can’t tell you how many different hats I’ve worn along the way.

One thing, however remained consistent, and that was my ongoing passion for fashion design. From children’s clothing design to vintage fashions, I’ve helped to launch over 14 designers and launched 11 fashion labels, via f.rock fashion – Australia’s largest online platform for emerging designers. I’ve orchestrated Manly’s biggest ever fashion parade at the Steyne Hotel and opened a bespoke fashion design school on the Sunshine Coast.

“All of these experiences and life lessons have led me to now and the creation of the Sassi Seamstress. I have a deep respect for people of all ages and cultures and believe we all deserve to look and feel amazing as the unique individuals we are.”

Sunshine Coast Clothing Alterations

At the Sassi Seamstress, we specialise in wedding dress and formal dress alterations because we love helping to transform a gown to suit the individual; alterations are also a great opportunity to recycle clothing and contribute to sustainability in the fashion world (where so much of the clothes /fast fashion sold in large department stores ends up in landfill).

So, when you book an appointment with the Sassi Seamstress for clothing alterations on the Sunshine Coast, know that you are in great hands. You’re receiving my years of adventures and experience and passion gathered from around the world.

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